What is the required production time?

Once you have placed an order it will take us about 4-6 weeks to deliver the lamp

(not including custom made lamps and floor lamps)

Are the fixtures suitable for 220V and also 110V power?

We support both 110v and 220v, but this must be specified in the order.

What type of bulbs do we supply?

All bulbs are LED only

connected to 220V The product includes bulbs

connected to 110V The product does not include bulbs

Where can we deliver to?

We can deliver our products to almost anywhere in the world.

Where can I find assembly instructions?

Next to each product on our website, there is a link to the assembly instructions.

Is it possible to order CUSTOM MADE?

Absolutely yes - please contact us by email with the request.

Is there a warranty on the lamps?

There is a one year warranty from product delivery.

About handcrafted light fixture

This handmade stoneware light fixture is made of clay on the pottery wheel and fired to a high temperature.

The wheel technique creates symmetrical shapes from circular motions.

Therefore, there are slight differences in shape, color and form, which makes it a one off piece.

Sizing details

Sizing information is available in the description of each listing. Please be sure to read the description for all necessary information.


Deviation of up to +- 10%

What is included in the package? 

Your package will include:


Light fixture with a matching rack

Bulbs only for 220 V electricity

Installation instructions



For further questions please contact us